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12 inches or 300x60mm of pure cutting power. 

This knife is based on an old sabatier, replacing the full bolster of the antique with a slim integral bolster, making it more comfortable to use and much easier to sharpen. 

I've made pretty few 9"+ knives that I loved, mostly I find them to be either too flexible, or too thick behind the tip for my short arms. The longer your blade the more leverage is working against your wrist when you work with the tip. So you make the tip thinner than the heel to maintain a similar "cutting feel" along the length, then you run the risk of the blade ending up too flexible, to the extent that you start cutting something hard like an apple and the blade flexes between the handle and the cutting point, this deflects much of your energy away from the blade and reduces your control, meaning more effort for the same results. This is by no means a new problem, it is no surprise to me that a decent solution can be found in a hundred year old design.


The handle is beautiful exhibition grade stabilised maple, from my personal stash, saved for very special knives. 

300x60mm, 80crv2 blade, 8mm thick at ricasso/bolster, 5mm thick at the heel, tapering over two thirds to 2mm, nearly no taper in the final third.

430mm overall length

255 grams

comes with a protective sheath

12" Integral Sabatier with maple burl

£379.00 Regular Price
£341.10Sale Price
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