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My name is Harry Gough,
I grew up in some of areas that were so rural they are basically wilderness, areas where carrying a knife is a normal thing. For as long as I can remember i've been a collector and admirer of knives. But i didn't get seriously passionate about them until around 2012, I was a teenager and just starting to learn and enjoy cooking. I would consistently use a particular "outdoors" knife because it cut better than any of my mums "kitchen" knives. This lead me to researching what makes one knife cut better than another, and that lead me to finding the amazing world of handmade knives, I was blown away, I knew immediately that I needed to own a knife that I had made myself. I made one. It took me a long time and the outcome was horrible. but I was proud because I knew that the next one would be better.
A friend of the family who runs a blacksmith and fabrication workshop had seen my knives and offered me a job, which i eagerly accepted, so i moved to Devon and worked as his grinder monkey for a year. that really set me in the right direction, I got to watch and learn from a business in operation, I was getting trained up and hundreds of hours of linnisher practice, and best of all, the boss let me make knives every day at lunch. slowly I built up skills, tools and confidence, and I eventually moved on and began working for myself making knives full time in the summer of 2017.

I find myself interested in two radically different styles of knifemaking that are not always incompatible, but theres defiantly conflict. I love the, learning, the artistic and intellectual pursuit of artisan metal work. half of me wants to make every single knife better than the last, learn something new with every blade and work only for the perfection of the craft. two of the elements that I find the most satisfaction in learning are, making damascus steel, and hammer and chisel engraving and yet both of them are completely unnecessary embellishment, and theres the conflict. "Better" art dose not always translate to better knife. the other half of me wants to manufacture the best possible cutting tools and supply them at a reasonable price, i have a keen interest in all kinds of agricultural and craft tools, anything that is heavily used and the form is dictated by the function. I try to focus most of my effort into making small batches or individual commissions of high quality tools, made efficiently and responsibly, forged fast and close to shape to make efficient use of steel and gas, and using sustainably sourced everything i can (materials, packaging, electricity supply) i would really like to get an electric induction forge set up to cut gas out  almost entirely.

Here are a selection of my favourite past work 
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please get in touch if you would like to discuss a custom order or check out the shop to see what I have available immediately 

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